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You want to learn Pilates ?


Regardless of age or physical condition, you can benefit from Pilates. Learn more about the technique and the results everyone can achieve, and how it could improve your health and well-being. Find Pilates courses in Birmingham and enrol when you are ready to take the next step to a healthier, more balanced daily life.

Find Pilates classes in Birmingham now...

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Pilates aids sleep and relaxation. A greater understanding of your own anatomy and muscular system will help you learn to relieve your own tension and anxiety.

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Strengthen your body without gaining muscle. Pilates works on developing core strength rather than muscle mass, so you get stronger, not bigger.

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A Pilates instructor will teach you full and concentrated breathing techniques that will help the blood circulate fully around the body. This will awaken as many cells as possible about the body, fighting the effects of fatigue. Put simply, Pilates breathing techniques can give you more energy.

What is Pilates ?

Pilates is a system of exercise, developed to strengthen the body, and improve flexibility and balance. Using a great deal of study of the muscular and skeletal components of the anatomy, a detailed programme of exercise is created for student. Classes may choose to concentrate on a particular region, adding exercises to strengthen, re-integrate and restore natural balance and function to the body.

“Get better results with more focus and less effort.”

It is this approach that makes Pilates unique and superior to other exercise methods. It is recommended by physiotherapists, sports doctors, osteopaths and general practitioners for all groups of society, as it is regarded as a very safe technique. No matter what your age or physical condition, Pilates is shown to be beneficial.

The Pilates method consists of six essential principles; Centering, Control, Flow, Breath, Precision and Concentration. These are the fundamental building blocks of a Pilates programme. Pilates practitioners advocate quality of exercise rather than quantity, so unlike other exercise programmes, practising Pilates will involve doing a smaller number of repetitions but with greater precision. This is shown to yield much faster results than traditionally more intense methods of exercise.

Core strength is seen as key to success in Pilates. While other methods may concentrate on lifting heavy weights to develop arms or legs, Pilates will concentrate on integrating the core strength which connects the different areas of the body. This builds the strength all over the body, but is not focussed on building muscle mass.

Pilates Equipment

Pilates exercises are practised on a mat on the floor (Pilates work mat) or by using specialist pieces of equipment developed specially for the technique. One well-known piece of equipment is 'the reformer' which works using resistance from the practitioners own body, along with a system of springs. Find out more about Pilates equipment

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Continuous Movement
During a Pilates course, you will be expected to practise continued, flowing movements. Joseph Pilates believed exercises should be precise and continuous. You will learn transitions between movements.